Dogs need to relax, too!

Ebonee loves to have her well-behaved friends come to visit!  There is 3.5 acres for your four-legged family member to run and play and as long as they are not aggressive and you have control of them at all times, leashes are optional.  Dogs are animals, after all, and they like to let loose once in a while just like we humans do.  

We charge a nominal non-fundable dog fee and ask that you only brings dogs that are 50 lbs or less to out cozy oasis.  All the other usual, considerate rules apply such as keeping your furry friend off the furniture including the bed, don't leave them alone in the casita unless they are kenneled and dogs that cannot be controlled or bark excessively will be asked to find accommodation elsewhere.  

We have sheet coverings available for dogs who you think might climb up on the furniture for a quick snuggle and other things to borrow if you forgot like food/water dishes and leashes.  We also have a list of kennels nearby if that works better for you to get the rest and relaxation that you came for.